martedì 17 aprile 2007

How to reach us at Bandini

Interactive map

Those of you visiting us for the first time may think that from the address we are situated in the centre of Portacomaro, but the restaurant is located in the hamlet of Migliandolo, which is quite a way from the centre of town, and more often than not even the local residents find it hard to find.

If you are travelling on the Turin to Piacenza A21 Motorway take the Asti Est exit, turn onto the Asti to Alessandria SS10 main road at the first roundabout and proceed in the direction of Alessandria for approx. 1 km. until you reach Quarto Inferiore.
When you reach Quarto Inferiore you will see a blue road sign with a large white and green industrial building nearby with indications for SP38 (Strada Provinciale 38) to your left.
However if you are travelling from the direction of Alessandria along the SS10 main road you should turn right at this junction with the SP38 when you reach Quarto Inferiore.
Travel along this secondary road SP38 until you have passed through the villages of Silva and Cornapo’. You will notice that the road changes its name to Via Cornapo’ and after approx. 2 kms you will see the restaurant to your right.

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