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Ristorante Bandini

After having worked for many years as managers at the "Brasserie Roma" at Asti, and several years experience assisting at the "Sant’Uffizio" at Penango, "La Piuma d’Oro" at Asti and "Il Canestrello" at Cinaglio for wedding receptions and other catering functions, in 2002 chef Massimo Rivetti and maitre Antonello Bera decided to open up their own restaurant business in Portacomaro (Asti) with the name "Ristorante Bandini".

The two of them still continue to serve traditional local dishes as well as dishes with that little bit of extra zest to very demanding local customers (who are conservatives but who hate "that same old stuff over and over again"), and to the tourists visiting the area to spend their holidays in the midst of nature.


Via Cornapo’ (Strada Provinciale 38) 135,
Portacomaro Asti, Italy Postal Code 14037

The restaurant is not in the centre of town but approx. 2.5 kms from the Asti Est motorway exit on the Turin-Piacenza A21 Motorway, and 1.5km approx from the Asti-Alessandria main road.

How to reach us at Bandini

Interactive map

+39 0141 299252

Opening hours:
Lunch 12.15
Dinner 20.15

Closed on Mondays.

We feature in many restaurant guides:

"Osterie d'Italia" (Slow Food Editore, 2004 Edition)

"Guida Critica Golosa" (Papillon Restaurant Lovers Guide - Paolo Massobrio, 2004 Edition)

Guida Oro "Ristoranti di Veronelli" (Restaurant Guide published by Veronelli, 2005 Edition)

"La Gola in Tasca" (Gourmet Guide Published by Monboso, 2005 Edition)

Guida Accoglienza "Alberghi e Ristoranti d'Italia" (Touring Club Italia Hotel & Restaurant Guide, 2005 Edition)

"Ristoranti d'Italia del Gambero Rosso" (Gambero Rosso Italian Restaurant Guide, 2007 Edition)

"Fuoricasello" (Guida Longo, 2009 Edition)
"I Ristoranti di Bibenda" (AIS, 2009 Edition)
"I Ristoranti d'Italia" (L'Espresso, 2011 Edition)

Member of Italian Slow Food Association.

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